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Sew Much Love ❤️: Introducing My Handmade Scrunchies

Sew Much Love ❤️: Introducing My Handmade Scrunchies

Introducing Scrunchies from EZ Angel Creations!


Hey there, wonderful community! It’s your go-to fiber artist here, and today I’m bursting with excitement to share a little journey that has blossomed into my latest labor of love.

Trust me when I say you’re in for a treat, especially if you adore adding a dash of handmade charm to every aspect of your life!

~~~~ 🎀 The Birth of Our Scrunchie Saga 🎀 ~~~~

This story begins one fine Easter, amidst the laughter and joy of hosting a delightful get-together. In search of creating the perfect party favors, inspiration struck! Why not blend the spirit of relaxation with a fun little game for the adults while the kiddos are enjoying their egg hunt? Thus, spa day-themed baskets were born, brimming with handcrafted goodies.

Now, my sewing adventures may have started as a kid ~ they have been long dormant (unless you count piecing together knits & crochet bits).  Lately, sewing has seen a resurgence with me, thanks to my girls’ budding interest in stitching. It was during this creative whirlwind that scrunchies made their grand entrance into my crafting repertoire. Initially meant as charming additions to these spa day baskets for game winners (and hidden treasures in Egg Hunt eggs!), these fabric delights quickly turned into a passion project.

And oh, what joy it brought me! There’s something incredibly magical about turning simple fabric scraps into accessories filled with personality. Before I knew it, I had created an entire collection of scrunchies and was thinking about fabrics for holidays!

~~~~ 🌟 Why Choose Our Scrunchies? 🌟 ~~~~

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our scrunchies hold deeper values. They symbolize creativity unleashed, family bonds strengthened, and a step closer to sustainable living. Here’s why we believe they’ll steal your heart:

💖 Handcrafted Perfection: Each piece is individually & lovingly made by me ~ infusing them with warmth and personal touch.
💖 A Celebration of Individuality: With the variety in the fabrics being used and limited editions, expressing your unique style has never been easier.
💖 A Gift That Keeps Giving: Scrunchies are a great & thoughtful gift as they are sure to get used!  Selecting the right color / fabric for your recipient also shows how much you know what they like!

 You can view the currently available scrunchies here:  Scrunchie Luxe


~~~~ 💌 Join Our Scrunchie-Loving Family 💌 ~~~~

We're all about creating connections, celebrating individuality, and supporting sustainable craftsmanship. From exclusive behind-the-scenes peeks to early access to our newest creations (like those adorable fabric scrunchies!), joining our mailing list means you're not just a customer; you're part of the family. 💌

So, what do you say? Ready to dive into a world where fashion meets passion and creativity knows no bounds? Let's make magic together!

👇 Hit this link button and let's get this party started! 👇

Yes, Count Me In!


Have you tried one of my scrunchies?  I'd love to hear about it!  Drop me a line or tag us @EZAngelCreations – let’s spread the love one scrunchie at a time!

Until then, keep embracing those little joys that make life truly beautiful. 💕

With all my crafty love,
Jacqui ~ EZ Angel Creations

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