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Hello!  I'm so happy you've landed here.  I would love to work with you on something truly special & luxurious!


Commission vs. Made on Order

What is the difference between a Commission & a Made on Order item?

A number of items within my shop are listed with indication of being made to order &/or giving options to select color/size of your preference.  These items are designated products I have available with easily sourced materials & a pattern I know well.  There are a select number of size and color options.

These products are made directly upon ordering and shipped out as soon as possible.  Please note, there may be a slight delay if yarn in color selected is not on hand.  Any delay of this sort would be communicated to you quickly.

A commission is different in being a collaborative process in which the item made is tailored specifically to you!

With a commission we would meet via Zoom calls (or similar web call avenue based on my current tech options).  The project would be sized based on your measurements and our conversation.  We would also discuss the yarn fiber, sources, and color in detail to ensure you love the end results.  A deposit is required for a commission, in the amount of the sourced materials.

 Made on Order 


  • Options are limited and available on product listing
  • Payment in full collected at time of order
  • Material supply is checked directly after order ~ any delay due to restocking will be communicated
  • Item is created and shipped out ASAP
  • Your interest will place you in my Commission queue and I will reach out to let you know an approximation
  • While you are in the queue, we will have a discovery call to identify your dream luxury item, including colors, fibers, and sizing
  • Upon confirming materials to be used you will be invoiced a deposit covering material costs ~ payment of this secures your commission queue placement
  • Item is created based on queue &  communicated timelines
  • Remainder of cost is invoiced and payment required before shipment


Hand-dyed yarns in blue, purple, and rust colors


Commission Process: 

I currently open new commission slots as existing commissions, sample making, and pattern testing/designing allow.
When a slot become available, newsletter subscribers will be the first to know.  So, if you're not already signed up, go throw your email in the box at the bottom of this page!
I will also announce on social media if the slot(s) after subscribers have a chance.
I have a product listing for Commissions which will become available (currently listed as out of stock) when open.
This will need to be checked out and has a deposit fee.  This deposit will be applied to the total item cost and is not refundable.
This deposit will set you up for scheduling a private Zoom call to discuss the item you are looking for, yarn fibers, color, and sizing.
Upon selection of design & yarns, you will be invoiced for a second deposit.  This ensures ability to source needed yarns and time booking. 
I will also be able to give details on full cost after design & material sourcing, although this remainder will be due with delivery.
I look forward to working with you!
**Deposits are non-refundable.  In the event of deposit payment & failure to pay 2nd deposit or final amount, EZ Angel Creations reserves the right to sell the item made elsewhere.**