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About Me

Jacqui & Eddie, siblings





Eddie, my brother

 My brother Eddie had special needs but was a true light for so many.  I could not have asked for a smarter or more loving brother.

 We loved to read, watch movies, and our trips to Disney were life highlights for both of us.

 Sadly, I only had him here with me 1993 - 2007.



Zoie, daughter

Zoie, my daughter 

My first daughter Zoie was such a special girl.  At only 16 months old she was able to share her love with everyone as well as the joy she found in every bit of life.  

She joined my brother in heaven in 2011.

EZ Angel Creations


Hi, I'm Jacqui & I thought it important to start with a little bit on where the name EZ Angel Creations came from.  

I've covered the EZ & Angel bit, the Creations is from my passion for crafting.  You name it, I have either wanted to make it at some point or already have.

After the loss of Zoie, my husband & I were blessed with 3 other children, our daughters Jozie, Edie, and sone Garry.  When the kids are not keeping me busy, or my day job, I am crafting.  I am hoping to turn those crafts into special gifts you can share with your loved ones.  This is a dream I've been trying to get going for a long time, and now striving to realize.  zurawski family
Eddie & Zoie