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Life is full of ups and downs.  Sometimes what comes out of those downs can surprise us.

When I started playing with yarn I had no idea what it would become (originally I was trying to make my dog & husband matching scarves as a joke ~ they were not each other's biggest fans!).

Through some life's journeys (more on those below if you're interested), I really grew to appreciate the feel of something soft and handmade keeping me warm.

Time is precious and there is just something which goes into a handmade item where you can almost feel the time and energy put into it by the maker.

Making has also helped me through life's trials.  At times creating something has been such a healing process.

No matter if it is made during an up, down, or in between of my life, a little bit of my heart & soul works it's way into every item I make as I spend time with it.

As my fiber skills grew I wanted to be able to share these feelings of being wrapped in warmth & love with those who aren't fiber makers themselves.

I believe everyone deserves some plush luxury in their life and I'd love to help you find yours!

So, Creations makes sense, why EZ Angel?

Jacqui & Eddie, siblings


 Eddie, my brother

 My brother Eddie had special needs but was a true light for so many.  I could not have asked for a smarter or more loving brother.

 We loved to read, watch movies, and our trips to Disney were life highlights for both of us.

 Sadly, he was only here with us 1993 - 2007.



Zoie, my daughter 

My first daughter Zoie was such a special girl.  At only 16 months old she was able to share her love with everyone as well as the joy she found in every bit of life.  

She joined my brother in heaven in 2011.

 Zoie, daughter

 The rest of the EZ Angel crew

Clearly, family means a lot to me & time is definitely viewed as precious.

After the loss of Zoie, my husband & I were blessed with 3 other children, our daughters J, E, and son G. 

Around family time and a day job, I am crafting something special.    

zurawski family
Special Memories with Eddie & Zoie