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Pattern & Yarn Review:  Once Upon a Dream Dress & Caron x Pantone Bamboo

Pattern & Yarn Review: Once Upon a Dream Dress & Caron x Pantone Bamboo

Please note, as of the time of this blog posting, none of the following links are affiliate links and so no commission for the links provided, this is my thoughts on the pattern & yarn mentioned below.

 A 7 year old & 5 year old girl hugging while wearing crochet dresses

The main deets....

Pattern:  Once Upon a Dream Dress

Designer:  Stephanie Piper, By Stephanie Erin

Where to get the pattern:  Etsy or Ravelry

How much the pattern costs:  approximately $4 - $10 (more on this below)

Ravelry link: Stephanie Piper

Where to find the designer:  Instagram @by.stephanie.erin, Website & Linktr.ee with all the links

 crochet dress in progress with House Stark crochet hook, next to yarn, camping lamp, & board game

Yarn I used:  Caron x Pantone Bamboo

Yarn colors used:  Purple Scribbles & Little Bud

Yarn bought from:  Michaels website

Yarn Fiber:  60% Acrylic & 20% Nylon

Yarn Weight:  Worsted (4)

Yarn Skein Yardage:  180 yds / 165 m (3.5 oz / 100 g)

Yarn Care per Label:  Machine washable & dryable

 two crochet dresses in progress, laid flat, one purple, one burgundy

What prompted me to make:  Pattern Test 

Made for:  my daughter Jozie (age 7) & daughter Edie (age 5)

Size made:  child's 8 & 6


two young girls wearing crochet dresses with one arm around each other & the other up in excitement 

The pattern...

This was a quick to work up project with such an amazing end result.  I love the classic look of this dress and am always a huge fan of off the shoulder looks.

With sizing from child to adult, and very inclusive, I have seen this dress look fantastic on many.  People have also made shirt versions which look fantastic.  The details are classic and elegant with shoulder ribbing and waist shaping and detail.  Also, the lace on the bottom is such a lovely feminine detail.

To do a pattern test, you really can't make modifications as the designer needs a test to ensure the directions work as written.  So with the purple, size 8 dress, I made no modifications.  

Since I was using a Caron x Pantone with multiple colors the color change was a bit mid-row looking although I left the ends out and used them to stitch over a little & ease the transition.  I also did the changes in the back but not all lined up to smooth away from a wonky looking seam.

crochet dress in progress, showing change of color when added a new color to the skirt

When I made my second one, I did make a slight modification to skip a stitch and join before changing colors.  I then counted the chain I did to start this new row as a stitch in order to make up for the one skipped.

 On the varied price, Stephanie has the pattern available on Etsy (linked above) for a set price.  On Ravelry she has set it up with different price options in order to make it more accessible for varied crocheter’s budget.  Make sure to read the description if you buy off Ravelry to find out more on how she has this working.  This is a great option to try an allow those with less ability to buy patterns to possibly have more access.  While, if you are financially able to, you can really support the design and work at the higher price point.  This is I think an option being tested with this pattern at the time of typing this, so I do not know if it will be changed later based on response.

 two girls hugging in crochet dresses

The yarn...

Truth here....I HATE weaving in ends.  But I LOVE how Caron x Pantone puts together colors.

The yarn was untwisting for me a bit the way I hold it for crocheting, but it didn't get caught on the hook too often.  

The feel of this yarn when working it up though....scrumptious.  It feels very soft and sooth on the fingers and is gorgeous in the finished item.

I did find is stretches a bit though and the weight of the dress on my daughters was pulling a bit on the sleeves, just something to bear in mind when using it, it will stretch.

one girl sitting on a wooden lawn chair in a crochet purple dress, one girl sitting on a stone ridge behind her with arms up in excitement



Make sure to take a look at #onceuponadreamdress on Instagram to see all the other amazing colors, sizes (child through adult), & cuties wearing these amazing dresses!


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